In order to gain admission into a chosen course at Oxford College of Education, the student is required to have the following supporting documents:

1- Complete Application form:
2- A valid passport – a minimum of 6 months valid Passport
3 – Updated CV
4 – All Academic Qualifications (Minimum HSC/12 PLUS Level Equivalent)
5 – Personal statement (minimum 500 words)
6 – 2 reference letters (from Employers or College/University)
7 – Study GAP – please explain
9 – Others documents ( if you have )

Step 1: Application Submission

Submit your completed international student application form along with all the required supporting documents.

Step 2: Conditional Offer Letter

Upon receiving your application and supporting documents, the admissions department at Oxford College of Education will process your application. If everything is in order, we will issue a conditional offer letter. Sign and return the last page of the document to confirm your understanding of the stated conditions.

Step 3: Interview

Once we receive the signed document, we will schedule a brief video interview to discuss your chosen course and your plans related to it.

Step 4: Payment

After a successful interview, we will request any missing documents and payment for the course to finalize your application.

Payment Options:

Pay to UK Account:
Account No: 83 42 87 61 Sort Code: 20 02 06 SWIFT CODE: BARCGB22 IBAN: GB40 BARC 20020683428761 Bank Name and Address: Barclays Bank, 16 High St, High Wycombe HP11 2BG Pay by Credit or Debit card:
Contact us for an invoice, and we will provide payment options through Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Step 5: Pre-Visa Letter Interview Questions

We will send you a template of interview questions to help you prepare for the visa application and familiarize you with the types of questions you may encounter.

Step 6: Visa Letter Draft

Upon receiving your answers to the interview questions, we will issue a visa letter draft, including a checklist of required documents. Please review, sign, date, and return the checklist to us.

Step 7: Final Visa Letter

Upon receiving the signed draft visa letter and course fee payments, we will issue your final visa letter, stamped and dated by Oxford College of Education, along with all relevant documents.

Step 8: Visa Application

Once you receive all documents, proceed with your visa application. Keep us updated on the application status.
Short-term Study Visa up to 11 months: Standard Visitor Visa up to 6 months:

Step 9: Successful Visa

Upon receiving your visa confirmation, inform Oxford College of Education, providing your flight information and arrival date for registration formalities. Confirm accommodation and airport pick-up requests three working days before travel.

Step 10: Unsuccessful Visa

In case of visa refusal, send us the refusal letter for assistance in identifying and addressing the issue. Reapply if desired or refer to the refund policy for a possible refund.